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Help Your Landscape Project Achieve a Cutting-Edge Look!

A well-manicured lawn can be a stunning piece of art. Perfectly shaped, green grass encompassed by an outer square of rich bark looks crisp and clean. The colors display themselves vibrantly and stay in their own worlds. No bleed. How is this accomplished? Landscape edging.

Edging’s primary purpose is to separate different landscape products out, keeping them neat and pretty. Connie Buchanan, a Product Specialist on Ewing’s purchasing team, explained the benefits of adding edging to your landscape project.

“Landscape edging gives you a really nice edge and clean appearance,” she said. “It also helps make your property more maintenance-free.” Since landscape edging creates a barrier between two components, like grass and dirt, it shutterstock_281534933can drastically reduce the amount of time a contractor or homeowner has to spend keeping grass tufts out of bark chips, or vica versa.

Areas like lawns and flowerbeds are classic examples of spaces that benefit from landscape edging. Edging use in gardens is also popular. “It keeps grass from encroaching into a garden area,” Buchanan said.

There are several types of edging including durable plastic, steel and aluminum. A final selection will likely depend on your customer’s desire to achieve a specific look, or accomplish a specific purpose. Different materials provide different benefits.

For instance, polyethylene plastic edging can come baring wood-like textures while steel and aluminum styles offer a variety of colors that come with rust-resistant paint coatings. In the end, your edging material choice will depend on your customer’s ultimate goal, and the specs they set for the project.

Landscape edging applies to a variety of landscape projects and is an excellent way to give your project the extra “pop” it may be lacking.

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