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Holganix + Sports Fields = A Winning Combination

As a sports field manager, you feel the pressure to ensure safe, playable conditions and a good-looking field. You strive for the best field every day. And you’re continually looking to improve.

PRIMG Prod AM HolganixHolganix nurtures the soil naturally, and improves nutrient uptake in plants to help enrich health and vigor despite drought and other stresses. Healthy, vigorous turf resists disease attacks and weed infestation. It features a plant-based compost tea extract, with added beneficial nutrients and organic matter like soil bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes—a combination of living biology that helps cultivate a robust and biologically diverse ecosystem in the soil.

“These ingredients are something a lot of people are probably using, but using individually. Why not combine into one application?” said Luke Yoder, Ewing sports field specialist in Southern California and former field manager for the San Diego Padres.

The components in Holganix can help sports fields in many ways:

  • Turf density, strength and vigor
  • Increased root mass
  • Quicker recovery from aerification
  • Improved nutrient and water efficiency

At the Padres stadium, Yoder used Holganix for two seasons and saw impressive results, including increased root mass, deep rooting and reduced nitrogen. The use of Holganix also added to the list of green initiatives, because of the organic nature of the product and subsequent reduction of synthetic fertilizer use.

Because Holganix is compatible with other liquid fertilizers and growth regulators, application of the liquid form is easy.

Holganix is available in granular and liquid forms at your local Ewing. Talk to a Ewing Service Professional, and give Holganix a try to speed recovery from aerification, increase root mass and improve nutrient efficiency.

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