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Holiday Lighting Creates Winter Revenue Opportunities

Have you ever thought to yourself, “It sure would be nice to make some extra cash in the winter?” Well, holiday lighting can be your meal ticket for a profitable winter!

In 2011 consumers spent an average of $6 billion on holiday lighting and decoration—8 percent more than the year before. Holiday decorations continue grow in popularity among families and businesses across the world.

PRIMG LT Holiday Lights HouseResidential Opportunity

Drive through neighborhoods during the holidays, and you’ll see many houses decorated with holiday lights. There will also be houses that do not have anything on them; I’d bet that’s because they didn’t have time to hang them. That’s where you come in.

Commercial Applications

Go look at restaurants, shopping centers and other businesses to see if they have lights on their building. As the holidays approach, people want to enjoy their time shopping for their families, and nothing brings up customer morale than bright lights and smiling faces! Creating a more visually appealing and festive atmosphere helps boost shopping activity, creating a win-win situation.

Save homeowners and commercial businesses the trouble of going back to the store because of one bad bulb or a whole strand going out, or simply because they don’t have the right amount of footage for their house. Save businesses from spending valuable time hanging lights instead of selling to and serving their customers. Offer your clients this valuable service for the upcoming holiday season.

PRIMG LT Holiday Lights TreesMore Options, Less Worry

Ewing offers lights that you do not have to buy in a bulk form. If you need just 10 more feet of lights, you can buy just 10 screw-in bulbs, and if you have any extra cord, you can cut the cord to fit the exact footage you need to tie into your existing lights. I can't tell you how many times growing up I heard my dad complaining about that exact situation!

At Ewing, there is no more of the “Oh no! One light has gone bad so now I have to go spend more money to redo this whole cord!” With our holiday lighting, you can plug your lights in and take one bulb out—no need to worry about the rest of that strand going out too.

Show Your Creativity with Unique Displays

The beautiful thing about holiday light installation is that no job will be the same. No house will have the same focal points or the same design. We have different sizes of bulbs, many colors, mini strands, and also garland that looks great on doorways and rails. You will find yourself using the same concept of lights, but there are multiple ways to make it look better than your last job!

Quick and Easy Take Down

Another concept that we have gotten high reviews for is the take down process. You have the option to leave the clips on the house after the season is over, and the lights can just pop off the clips with ease. This will make the process a whole lot easier for you, and can be cost effective for your customer. You don’t have to leave the clips on the house—just take it all down at one time (clip and the bulb). You don't have to worry about the bulb breaking if it falls to the ground, because they are very durable.

PRIMG LT Trunk Wrap 2Holiday lights can bring added revenue, breathe new life into your job, and become something you look forward to at the end of each year! Stop by your local Ewing to learn about early order discounts. Here’s to more possible income and happy holidays!

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