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Holiday Lighting: Stay in the Black with Red, Orange, Green, Blue…

The year is almost over, and with the change in weather comes holiday celebrations. Winter is a slower time for landscape businesses, and you may be looking for new business opportunities. To prevent a business chill until spring arrives, consider creating lighting displays for your customers. You can stay in the black by working in colors — by installing holiday displays with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), that is.

The transition from landscaping to lighting can be an easy one. You already have work teams, trucks and tools ready. You have a database of clients to reach out to. Once you are observant of safety and trained in installation, you can begin putting up holiday lights for your customers.

Holiday displays are not dependent on the weather. Lights can shine whether snow falls or not, making holiday lighting a feasible winter business in any location.

Holiday LightsWhy choose LEDs?
Add impact to your displays by utilizing LEDs, which have many advantages over incandescent lights. They are solid-state devices, so they have no moving parts or filaments. LEDs are also more durable than incandescent lights because they have plastic bulbs instead of glass.

The upfront cost for LEDs may be more than for incandescent bulbs, but the longevity of LEDs and their low energy consumption can save money over time and added benefit for your clients. The energy efficiency of LEDs also makes them easier to install compared to incandescent lights.

Light up your business
Take a unique approach with each lighting job and create signature looks for your customers. The variety of color and arrangements can satisfy any customer request, whether it’s for simple white or yellow lights or a kaleidoscope of colors, or for LEDs arranged in neat lines or draped and wrapped around trees and shrubs. Personalizing a display helps to strengthen your relationships, and your customers will want you back again next winter.

You can make additional revenue by removing and storing those same lighting displays after the holidays, keeping your business strong during the winter downtime. With the annual demand for holiday displays, the assortment of designs you can offer, and the savings in costs and energy, LEDs can make the holidays — and your business — brighter.

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