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Holiday Lighting Trends to Know for 2019

From the traditional or modern to retro or festive, there are many different holiday lighting looks that could appeal to your clients.

When you consult with a new client, you can be prepared to give them the lighting display they desire by understanding the trends and products available. Here are some of top holiday lighting styles and how you can create them for your clients:

1. Traditional Warm Glow

FlexFilament C9 lights come in warm white and other colors, are dimmable, durable and energy-saving.

By far the most popular holiday lights are traditional warm white lights. This vintage look isn’t going out of style anytime soon, but it has been improved upon with new LED options.

In the past, LED lights have failed to mimic the warm white glow that’s so recognizable, but new LED options are nearly indistinguishable from traditional incandescent bulbs, like the FlexFilament C9 Bulbs available at Ewing. They’re the first to truly imitate the look, shape, color and feel of traditional clear incandescent lamps with an LED filament.

Get the look

  • Use large warm white FlexFilament C9 bulbs lights to outline the roof, paths and lines in the landscape.
  • Use warm white 5mm mini lights to illuminate lighting trees and bushes.
  • Punctuate focal points like doors and columns with traditional wreaths and red bows.

2. Retro Nostalgia

Large colorful C9 ceramic incandescent style bulbs are emblematic of the retro holiday look that many people prefer. Now these retro style bulbs have also been improved with virtually indestructible polycarbonate bulbs and energy saving LEDs.

Get the look:

  • Outline roofs and paths with multicolored Classic LED C9 Opaque Bulbs.
  • Or use FlexFilament C9 Bulbs for the clear glass look, in red, blue, green, cool white or multi-colored.

3. Unique and Modern

Traditional string lights are popular and familiar, but what can you offer clients who want something new and unique? Starbursts and teardrop-shaped garlands are two options to consider.

Starburst lights have a soft twinkling effect and can be hung or mounted in a number of ways thanks to their bendable wire branches.

Teardrop garlands are great for adding greenery in a modern way. This unique shaped garland is perfect for narrow areas  as an alternative to traditional round wreaths. 

Get the look:

  • Hang Starbursts from trees or mount them in planters or on the ground.
  • Use teardrop garland to compliment narrow features like columns, fence posts, light poles or entryways, between garage doors or below light sconces.

4. Festive and Colorful

Our new Spotlite 5mm lights have dome-lens tips that create a spotlight effect which casts light and shadows onto nearby surfaces for added color and brightness.

Finally, our new Soft Twinkle 5mm strands have a gentle “on and off” twinkle that create a subtle glistening effect that’s more natural than the typical blinking lights you see in holiday lighting displays.

For clients who enjoy displays that are merry and bright, bold color and animated lights can help add festive flair to their home or landscape.

Get the look: 

  • Hang Spotlite 5mm lights on and near walls and other architectural and landscape features for maximum spotlight effect.
  • Use Soft Twinkle 5mm lights to animate dry creek beds, trees and pre-lit greenery (wreaths, teardrops and garland).

5. Fast and Easy

This lighting trend can benefit both you and your clients—lights that are faster and easier to install. One example is pre-balled lights to simplify the installation process and reduce installation time by up to 30 percent.

New expandable trunk wraps are another option that can save installers time and labor. While other wraps and nets are a fixed size, our StretchNet Pro Expandable Trunk Wraps quickly adjust from 20 to 45 inches to quickly cover almost any tree or column with 5mm lights. Multiple trunk wraps can also be clipped together to fit larger trunks or columns.

Professional Grade Holiday Lights

No matter what lights you’re looking for, there’s a good chance you can find them at Ewing and create the look your clients want.

Ewing stocks professional grade holiday lights that offer low wattage LED technology and virtually unbreakable bulbs for durable and reliable displays, year after year.

Click here to view Ewing's Holiday & Special Event Lighting Catalog.

Call or visit your local Ewing or download our Holiday Lighting Catalog to learn more.

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