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How Growers Can Use the Baseline System to Efficiently Water Crops

Despite efforts to keep up with the weatherman, even the most diligent caretaker will discover that the seasons find humor in concocting weather patterns that contradict what was predicted the day prior. In other words, determining precise amounts of sunlight and rainfall is a bit of a guessing game. This guessing game can greatly affect growers.

Thankfully, advances in modern technology have produced new methods of helping people get the correct amount of water to their plants. Systems like the Baseline 3200 controller and Baseline soil moisture sensors regulate how much water a plant is getting by following customizable criteria entered into the controller. These controllers provide an efficient way to water crops that can revolutionize the way growers care for their plants.

Take a look at how Stuart Olson Farms implemented Baseline technology to efficiently water their winterberry crops by clicking here.

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