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How to Make Up for Lost Time on Irrigation Installs

This is an irrigation season unlike any other. Response to COVID-19 may mean reduced manpower or reduced time in the field. Save man-hours and increase profitability on irrigation installs by saving time and getting to the next job faster!

Build Time into the Design

Before you start the actual install, work time-savers into the design. For example, irrigation systems using smart technology save you time by providing remote access to your clients’ irrigation systems. Using smart irrigation products that sync with apps on your smartphone, you’re able to review the data and make adjustments without spending the time traveling to every site to change settings manually.

You should also review the options for your customers’ drainage system before installing the irrigation. Landscape drainage prevents any potential problems with flooding or excessive water, saving you time on massive clean ups in the spring.

Properly installing a backflow prevention device will also save you time on any repairs that would result from back siphonage or back pressure in irrigation systems. These devices are also a requirement in most areas to help prevent pollution or contamination of public water supplies from backflow, according to the Uniform Plumbing Code.

For job sites with 50 zones or more, two-wire irrigation systems allow you to lay down up to six miles of wire. Starting with one phase, you can then tap into existing wires in the ground as you expand, saving yourself time on laying additional wire in the future.

Save Time in the Field

For a fast, easy installation without shopping lists and assembly time, consider an all-in-one “instant pump” like the Munro Complete PRO II. These professional-grade pumps offer high quality pump control with built-in protection and connect-and-go plumbing connections. Housed in a stainless steel, powder-coated enclosure designed specifically for a pump and easy transport, cut your installation time by up to 70% with a professional-grade pump.

You can also save time in the field by using a pump start relay (PSR) with color-coded wiring for a simplified installation. The Munro StartBox, for example, provides a UL and CUL listed relay and enclosure and provides pilot-duty operation for all electrically-driven pump equipment. It works with any residential turf irrigation pump and is available in 24v, 110v or 220v coils. By selecting a universal PSR for your residential irrigation pump projects, there’s no need to spend time figuring out which one to choose.

Standard pump relays are great for switching a pump on and off, but they offer no protection to common failures like loss of prime or loss of water in the suction line, resulting in time spent on repairs. For pump start and pump protection in one, try the Munro SmartBox, which includes a preset pressure sensor that alerts the control system of potential pump damage.

By reducing your man hours, both in the design and in the field, you’re able to make up for lost time and avoid a potential loss in revenue. Need further assistance? Call the Ewing Pump Hotline for help with pump installations and more: 1-844-PUMP-PRO.

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