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How Much Turface Do I Need?

To absorb moisture and reduce compaction, sports fields managers around the country turn to Turface to maintain the safety and playability of their fields. But many field managers wonder how much Turface is needed to get the job done. But that begs the question, what is the job? The amount of Turface needed depends on what your end goal is.

Topdressing the infield

Turface can be used as a topdressing for the infield skin (dirt), providing a consistent playing and sliding surface. When topdressing, 40 – 60 50-pound bags is a good rule of thumb for even distribution on the skin portion of the infield.

“When spread evenly on the infield, Turface provides a consistent texture for an infield and allows for water absorption” to wick moisture away from the playing surface, said Tim Lambert, a Ewing Sports Fields Specialist.

PRIMG Prod TurfaceRenovating the field

Turface can be used to amend the infield mix for both partial and full renovations.

For a partial renovation, about 80 – 120 50-pound bags should be applied evenly to the surface of the infield skin. After watering the infield skin, Turface can be spread evenly throughout the infield skin and nail-dragged into the top 1 ­– 1.5 inches of the infield.

For a partial renovation, applying 750 pounds per 1,000 square feet is recommended. Nail-dragging Turface MVP into the top 1.5 inches of the soil will allow for good moisture management and compaction resistance.

For a full renovation, approximately eight tons (or 320 50-pound bags) should be added to the infield skin. When full renovation is needed, the infield skin needs to be moistened, and Turface needs to be evenly distributed throughout the infield skin. Next, rototill Turface into the existing infield mix to a depth of 3 – 4 inches. Then drag the infield with a drag mat to break up the clumping. To complete the renovation, speed up the settling process with a roller.

As you prepare for topdressing or a field renovation, stop by your local Ewing branch to learn about our Turface Early Order Program for some of the best prices of the season on your favorite Turface products.

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