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How Outdoor Heating Can Maximize Your Customers’ Outdoor Living Space

Beautiful, sunny spring days are often accompanied by brisk, chilly nights, causing your customer to close the doors on their outdoor space after dusk.

If this is the case, consider talking to your customer about outdoor heaters. Outdoor heating solutions allows your customers and their guests to enjoy the space comfortably and extends the annual usage of their outdoor space.

3 Types of Heaters

Ewing carries three types of outdoor heaters, each addressing a different customer’s need.

  • Mounted gas heaters, such as the Sunpak heater, are gas-powered and permanently mount to a structure, wall or ceiling. Natural gas-powered heaters are a great choice for the sustainability-conscious customer.
  • Mounted electric heaters, such as the Infratech heater, are lower-profile and can even be flush-mounted into the ceiling. These electric heaters generally cost less to maintain than gas-powered heaters.
  • Standing heaters such as the Patio Comfort heater can either be portable or installed into the ground. They are an excellent option for heating small spaces such as around dining tables. These heaters are useful for portability and when there is no structure available to safely mount a heater.

Talking to Your Customers about Outdoor Heaters

Not every customer will be a great candidate for outdoor heating. It is crucial to spend time getting to know your customer and what their needs are for their ideal outdoor space. Consider these three talking points when you’re speaking with your customer about their wants:

  • Existing outdoor features. Does your customer already have an elaborate backyard, or plans to develop a space with several features such as pools, covered patios, bars, grills or outdoor sound? Well-rounded outdoor spaces are truly an investment, and outdoor heating can help them ensure they receive the most return on that investment during all times of the year.
  • Take your customer’s location into consideration when pitching outdoor heating. For instance, a customer who lives in a warmer, more humid climate will have different needs than a customer living in a cool climate. Both may need heating, but the solutions will be different.
  • Use of space. Consider how the customer will use the space when you talk about heating options. Is your customer a homeowner, entertaining guests for dinner and drinks? Installing an outdoor heating system could help your customer make great impressions and memories with those guests.
  • Consider commercial customers. Does your customer own a sports grill with an outdoor patio, or manage a rooftop bar in a colder climate? Outdoor heating could help retail customers use their extra outdoor seats to drive revenue during colder months.

Outdoor heaters provide a perfect solution for your customers to use their outdoor living spaces all year long. Stop by your local Ewing store to learn more about our newest product line!

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