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How to Convince Prospective Clients to Hire You as Their Landscape Pro

Many spend time in December planning for the New Year. As small business owners create their goals and plans for the coming year, getting and maintaining new clients may be high on that list. You know you’re an expert in your industry, so how do you convince others of that as well? Here are four tips to help you talk to prospective clients about hiring your business.

Present yourself well. First impressions matter, so, as you’re canvassing for new clients, make sure you present yourself in a manner that will leave behind a good picture of you and your company. Introduce yourself and your company. Smile and shake their hand (if possible). Be friendly, knowledgeable and polite.

Bring a business card to leave behind. Someone may not be ready to hire you on the spot, but if you bring a business card to leave with them after chatting for a few minutes, they can reach out and contact you when they are ready. If you’ve made an impact on them, then they will get in touch when they have work that needs to be done.

Know what you’re selling. You know the work you do and you know the quality you can provide, but prospective clients may not. Be prepared to answer questions or show examples of work you’ve completed. You can have a portfolio online to direct them to, photos on your phone or tablet you can pull up or a brochure you can hand over for them to peruse. Take the time to show them you know what you’re doing. Be ready to talk specifics like pricing and timelines for possible projects.

Give great customer service. While you work to win over their business, start the relationship by giving great customer service. If they’re getting great service before they even hire you, they’re more likely to consider your services when it’s time for some professional work to be done on their landscape. Here are seven tips for customer service to improve your business relationships.

What is your favorite way to approach new clients? Share in the comments below!

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