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How to Have Successful Germination This Seed Season

You’ve done everything right in overseeding or renovating this season. You aerated and verticuted the turf. Your irrigation system is set and ready for a great season. You purchased the right grass for your region and evenly spread it across your lawn. Now you’re ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor and see beautiful, lush grass grow and create a happy customer.

There’s just one more important step to watch for: proper moisture management. Issues with moisture management can impact germination, leading to poor turf establishment. During the germination process, it’s important to maintain consistent moisture on the seeds. It’s important to keep the top inch wet at all times and not allow dry periods between watering.

To prevent overwatering, yet maintain consistency, it’s important to water the seeds several times a day for the first few weeks, then begin to taper off, back into the regular irrigation cycle for the season.
However, the amount of water and frequency can vary by seed, so ask your Ewing store for details about your seed and the germination process.

If you don’t have the flexibility with your irrigation system to change the watering time and frequency, it can be difficult to maintain the moisture needed for germination. What else can you do? Add mulch!


How To Use Mulch

A seed cover mulch can help maintain proper moisture. Adding mulch to your overseeding or renovating work can be done in two different ways.
  1. You can mix a hydromulch with your seed and spread during the seeding process.
  2. Spread or spray mulch over the seed as the last step (besides watering) in your overseeding or renovating process.

The mulch benefits are activated by water, so it’s important to irrigate the lawn right away.

Benefits Of Mulch

Mulch protects the seed and helps hold moisture longer between watering. By adding a mulch product, such as Kellogg’s Garden Organics Topper Mulching Compost, Seed Aide’s CoverGrow or Gro-Well Soil Conditioner and Seed Cover, it bridges the gap between irrigation cycles and provides a consistent amount of moisture for the seed during germination.


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