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How to Maintain High Traffic Turf Areas

When the weather warms up, the hard work you’ve done preparing your turf areas is put to the test. From people walking their dogs, to kids playing on the grass and sports teams competing for the trophy, there’s no shortage of activities that draw people to grassy areas.

To keep high traffic turf areas, such as parks and sports fields, looking healthy and green follow these helpful tips!

Turf that stands up to the stress

The first step to maintaining high traffic turf areas is determining which type of turfgrass will stand up best under stress.

For sports fields and parks and recreational areas, Bermuda grass is a great option because of its resistance to wear and ability to recover quickly from damage. Bermuda grass also does well under sunlight and hot temperatures.

Bermuda grass is highly drought resistant and can go dormant when irrigation restrictions are in place. This is a great benefit for keeping grass green in popular areas during drought times.

Choose the right fertilizer

When it comes to fertilizing your turf, using a slower release nitrogen fertilizer can prevent grass from burning in the summer months and allow it to stay green and grow over a longer period of time.

Products such as Holganix Blue Sky help improve oxygen exchange, which improves soil absorbency for greater turf health overall.

Keep weeds under control

In high traffic turf areas you’ll want to keep up on weed control, as well. Manage weeds and other nuisance plants with products like Civitas WEEDfree, an odor free selective herbicide that kills more than 60 listed broadleaf weeds and sprays on white, so you can see where you’re spraying.

Precision irrigation

Like any turf area, irrigation is one of the most important factors in maintaining grass, especially high traffic grass areas.

Using products such as smart controllers and high-efficiency nozzles can help you control and easily manage irrigation allowing for more precise irrigation

High-efficiency nozzles such as the MP Rotator, from Hunter, waters at rates that soil can more easily absorb than traditional sprinklers, causing less run-off and a more effective water.

Smart controllers provide a variety of watering options based on the specific controller you choose. Depending on which smart controller you choose, you can manage run times, watering amounts and factor in rainfall and weather patterns for any area.

For more information on maintaining high traffic turf areas and the products listed in this blog, stop by your local Ewing store.

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