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How to Maintain Proper Posture from Top to Bottom for Newly Planted Trees

Protect new trees and surrounding landscapes with Ewing’s help.

Young trees, like all young things, need a helping hand—or rather, a helping tool like stakes, ties and anchors. If you’re planting new trees, physical support—with products available at Ewing—can be beneficial to their growth.

Protect new trees with temporary support

For young trees with roots that aren’t fully established in the soil, support systems like tree stakes, anchors and ties can help trees grow strong and healthy, while resisting winds that could disturb their root development. These products provide temporary stability until the tree can support itself naturally with strong, mature roots.

Applying a tree anchor kit, which consists of stakes and ties, provides support that is also versatile. As the girth of the tree expands, you can loosen the ties and avoid damaging the bark. This helps reduce the risk of harm caused by weather, pests and disease.

Manage tree root growth safely

It can be bad to have too much of something—such as tree roots. If the landscape you maintain also features hardscapes like paver patios or outdoor kitchens and fireplaces with gas lines, then expanding tree roots can become a hazard.

Prevent growing roots from damaging hardscapes by installing a tree root barrier. These mechanical guides redirect tree roots down and away from hardscapes—preventing expensive damage while still preserving the tree’s health.

Provide professional tree care in the future

Caring for trees doesn’t end once a new tree is strong enough to stand on its own. It’s important to protect them from external threats like pests and diseases.

Prevent wood boring insects like the Emerald Ash Borer from infesting trees by applying Zylam insecticide. Watch this Ewing video to learn more.


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