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How To Save Time on Your Next Irrigation Pump Project

With a busy irrigation season quickly approaching, landscape businesses are searching for ways to save man-hours and increase profitability. Saving time on the jobsite may be as simple as switching to different products in order to complete the same task in less time. Here are three ways to save time specifically on irrigation pump projects and get to the next job faster.

Start with a Complete Pump Package

Hand-assembly of a residential pump installation wastes valuable time on the jobsite. After purchasing fittings, gauges, controls, wiring and more, the project can also end up costing more than you planned.

Decrease the installation time with a complete irrigation pump package. Munro’s Complete PRO II comes with pre-assembled components so you don’t have to gather and assemble dozens of individual parts. This professional-grade pump package provides a high-quality pump control, connect-and-go plumbing connections, as well as a powder coated stainless steel enclosure designed specifically for a pump. It’s possible to cut your installation time by up to 70% with a professional-grade pump package, saving valuable time at each jobsite where an installation or upgrade is required.

Use Universal Pump Controls

Deciding which pump start relay to use at the jobsite takes up valuable time. Unclear wiring diagrams and difficult installation instructions will slow you down as well.

Universal pump controls with color-coded wiring can make hook up quick and easy. A versatile pump start relay, like the Munro StartBox, offers flexibility and quick installation. For even more flexibility, choose a 2-wire compatible pump control that works for any project, whether it’s traditional or 2-wire.

Like other irrigation products, pump controls have benefited from improvements in technology. Upgrade your customer to a PSR with a preset pressure sensor, like the one in the Munro SmartBox, to avoid potential pump damage due to loss of prime or run-dry – preventing pump meltdowns at the source means one less call back or warranty request for your crew.

Connect HDPE Pipe with Couplings

With HDPE pipe being used in many irrigation projects these days, you are probably familiar with the time and cost of renting and using an HDPE fusing machine. However, an HDPE coupling, like Munro’s M95 mechanical HDPE Coupling, eliminates the need for fusing. These permanent installation fittings offer a simple, straightforward way to join high density polyethylene pipe and fittings.

By reducing labor and man hours, these products can help you save time and generate more revenue. Need further assistance? Call or email the Ewing Pump Hotline for help with pump installations and more: 1-844-PUMP-PRO • info@ewingpumppro.com

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