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How to Upsell Lighting Projects for Every Jobsite

Landscape lighting can be a great addition to any outdoor area and a great way to generate revenue enhancements for your business. If you’ve already created a trusted relationship with your clients then identifying a need, potential problem and solution can help you easily upsell the work you are already doing. This type of consultative selling can develop a stronger relationship between you and your customers.

Adding lighting in general, or adding particular lights to a given area, can improve safety, security and enhance the overall look of a client’s landscape. Here are five potential jobsites you might already be working on and a variety of lighting upsell opportunities.

The Front Yard

Curbside appeal doesn’t just have to be seen in the daytime. Installing lighting in a customer’s front yard can help highlight great landscaping work, illuminate addresses or make it safer for people coming home late at night.

Adding a fixture or two at driveway entrances can create a navigational beacon to more easily find a place to turn or locate the front. With more and more people ordering food and other household items for delivery, up-lights and path lights are a great way to ensure delivery drivers find addresses no matter what time it is.

Lighting fixtures can also provide another level of curb appeal to a home by highlighting beautiful landscapes, trees or other features of the home.

If your customers front yards are dark by the time the sun goes down, suggest adding a few lighting fixtures to prominent areas of the yard.

The Small Outdoor Space

Just because a homeowner might have a small backyard doesn’t mean they don’t want to enjoy the space. Bistro lighting can create a fun and functional ambiance in any space and is a great way to brighten up a small, dark backyard to make it useable long into the evening hours.

Also, for the small to medium-sized backyards, adding up-lights or down-light fixtures on elevation changes minimizes the risk of tripping or falling and serves as a safety feature, preventing people or animals from hiding in the yard after dark.

Just like in a front yard, help your clients get the most out of their outdoor space, no matter the size, by adding lighting features based on the need of the customer.

The Hostess’ Backyard

For the homeowner client with a passion for hosting friends and family, color-changing and creative lighting solutions can help up their party game.

SlimFlex LED Tape Light

Depending on your clients’ budget there are a variety of color-changing lighting solutions they can choose to implement into their landscapes.

There’s the FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC Outdoor Lighting System that offers different zoning, dimming and color-changing capabilities that can really highlight a home or landscape. With up to 250 zones, 40 different lighting themes, 30,000 colors per zone, 0 to 100% dimming, wireless control, scheduling options and much more, the Luxor ZDC system is everything your client could want in a lighting system.

Another option for customers who want their yards to stand out is the SlimFlex LED Tape Light from illuminFx Lighting Systems. The SlimFlex Tape Light can be easily installed on outdoor kitchens and BBQs, fire features, steps or other ledges while giving backyard features a little extra flare. This product offers another layer of lifestyle enhancement you can’t get from standard landscape lighting.

The HOA Entrance

Adding lighting to HOAs and/or community entrances can draw attention to the area and, like front yards, create a navigational beacon for residents or passer-byers. For entrances like this, there are a variety of lighting solutions you can suggest to customers, like up-lights which can highlight trees and other landscape features or signs.

To make an entrance even more inviting, tree trunk wrap lights can brighten up the area and make it a landscape feature itself. A 12v 5mm bulb with brown wire can easily match tree bark and complement or match the surrounding landscape lighting making it a year-round feature.

The Small Business Store Front

Lighting isn't just for residential properties. If you’re working on the maintenance or irrigation of a local business, suggesting some updated lighting can help draw attention to their business after dark.

Suggest installing up-lights for signs, stringing bistro or wrap lights to illuminate the building or even adding some color-changing elements can help make it stand out and draw in more customers.

There are lighting options for every jobsite and customer type. Suggesting some of the options listed above to your existing customers will provide them with creative solutions to their wants or needs and provide you with additional revenue opportunities.

Contact your local Ewing store today for additional information on creative lighting solutions and ideas to share with your customers.

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