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Ideas for Improving School Irrigation and Landscaping

Back to school season is in full swing and if you manage school grounds or sports fields, you know it can be difficult to maintain strong and attractive landscaping while also keeping safety and water saving in mind.

Here are a few ideas other groundskeepers and educators have implemented for landscapes at their schools.

Planting vegetable gardens and water conservation gardens on school grounds

Vegetable gardens are becoming more and more popular on school grounds, because they offer a variety of benefits, like giving students the ability to plant, grow and care for vegetables right on schools grounds.

See how these schools implemented vegetable gardens and water conservation gardens and are utilizing them to improve school grounds and student experiences.

Upgrade sports field irrigation systems to save water

Sports fields are an integral part of most schools. Fields provide students with play areas and team building activities! But they can be expensive to maintain. See how this school renovated their fields to save water and improve the field overall.

 Include agriculture in the curriculum

Utilizing school grounds for irrigation and landscaping projects can serve multiple purposes, including educating students on food production and improve the grounds’ aesthetics. See how this school took a dirt lot and turned it into an educational opportunity through plants and irrigation!

Maintaining school grounds and sports fields, especially during the school season, involves a lot of thought. These ideas and others can help you improve your site’s functionality, water usage and provide students at the school an area to learn and grow!

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