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Improve Your Golf Course’s Bunker Drainage and Playability with Capillary Concrete

A bunker with a face that washes out is a bunker with a short lifespan. To extend the life of your golf course’s bunkers—as well as the playability and interest of your course’s holes to your players—focus on maintaining proper moisture levels and drainage capabilities. You can do this with Capillary Concrete, available at Ewing.

Capillary Concrete is safe, easy to mix and easy to install. Capillary Concrete is safe, easy to mix and easy install.

Capillary Concrete feeds moisture back to the sand as the sand is drying out. Its blend of proprietary admixture and aggregates can absorb up to 35 percent of its volume in water. As sand dries, water trapped within the aggregate pores is released through capillary action (the ability of a liquid to flow in narrow spaces without assistance or opposition from external forces).

Capillary Concrete is safe, easy to mix and easy to install. Just blend admixture with properly sized aggregate and mix with water. To create a firm edge and avoid bunker washouts, install Capillary Concrete with dripline irrigation at the very top of the face.

This ensures that sand will stay moist and compacted to avoid plugged lines and that balls will roll back to the flat level of the bunker floor. Results: your crew will spend less time caring for displaced sand caused by blasting shots near bunker edges and your players will enjoy a more satisfying round.

Ready to renovate your bunkers for improved drainage and smoother play? Visit your local Ewing store or contact your local Ewing golf sales representative to explore Capillary Concrete and other golf course solutions.

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