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Improve Your Soil to Improve Your Plants

3 Ways Holganix Tree and Shrub Helps Your Landscapes Thrive

To grow strong, healthy plants that look beautiful, you know they need the proper nutrition. Nutrition is more than just adding fertilizer—you can make your soil healthier so that plants can use that fertilizer better.

Holganix features a plant-based compost tea extract, with added beneficial living microorganisms and soil amendments. This combination of living biology can cultivate a robust and biologically diverse ecosystem in the soil.

Holganix can be incorporated into your turf care program at homes, schools, golf courses, and just about anywhere plants grow!

Here are the top three ways Holganix Tree and Shrub, a Bio 800+ product,  helps your landscape thrive:

  1. Reduces disease susceptibility

Holganix builds strong, more resilient plants that are less susceptible to disease. Beneficial fungi found in Holganix form mutualistic relationships with plant roots, aiding in root development but also in the protection of roots against disease.

  1. Increases the uptake of water, minerals and nutrients

Beneficial fungi (including endo and ecto mycorrhizae fungi and trichoderma) gather around or penetrate plant roots to promote root growth. This allows the plant to collect nutrients, minerals and moisture in deeper, hard to reach areas within the soil.

  1. Lessens transplant shock

When you lessen transplant shock, you reduce plant loss and replacement costs. By aiding in root development, Holganix helps transplanted trees and shrubs comfortably adjust to their new environment. It also helps ensure that their new home is equipped with biology and biological food sources needed to maximize the soil food web.

Visit your local Ewing to learn more about incorporating Holganix into your program and to pick up some Holganix Tree and Shrub or Bloom, for flowerbeds.

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