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Irrigate Differently with the Sapling Soaker Ring Tree Watering Bag

Serving as a slow release watering system for young ornamentals, the Sapling Soaker Ring Tree Watering Bag delivers a high volume of water directly to the root system without any runoff or evaporation.

Commonly seen wrapped around the base of newly planted shrubs, shade or ornamental trees, these water-fillable bags are typically installed where permanent irrigation systems aren’t practical.

How it works
It’s as easy as A-B-C or 1-2-3. Simply wrap the bag around the base of your tree or shrub. After filling the bag (20-gallon capacity) with water, make sure it’s nice and snug around the trunk. Repeat this process once a week or as needed. Be mindful of the many factors that influence watering needs, such as plant type, soil type and weather conditions. It’s best to periodically check soil moisture content and adjust your fill schedule accordingly.

king-sapling-soakerAn efficient watering alternative
The watering bag is a water-efficient product that could save you time, money and water.

Installed in just minutes, the watering bag doesn’t soak up too much of your time—it only needs to be refilled once per week.

You can save money by eliminating tree replacement and reducing labor costs that are associated with re-planting. The watering bag delivers water deep into the soil, promoting strong roots, which reduce tree transplantation and drought shock.

Dumping a bucket of water around the base of trees and shrubs can waste water. And hose watering can result in similar outcomes of wasted water, as well as lead to increased runoff. But unlike these watering examples, the watering bag can save you water. The watering bag doesn’t allow for runoff—not a drop is wasted, as it waters at the tree root for five to nine hours of drip time.

Landscapes can absorb the benefits of nutrients since liquid fertilizer can be mixed into the bag, as well as fungicides and insecticides.

For more on this product, drop by your local Ewing store and ask a Ewing Service Professional about the Sapling Soaker Ring Tree Watering Bag, an easy way to maintain an effortlessly beautiful landscape.

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