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Know Your Controller: Irrigation Controller Apps for Homeowners

Your smartphone does more than check Facebook or text your kids when they’re out with friends. Your smartphone can now control your home security system, manage your air conditioner or heater and stream your music on command. Did you know it can also manage your irrigation system for a picture perfect lawn? Over the past several years, new irrigation controllers have been released allowing you to control your watering schedule from anywhere, with just your smartphone. Many of these controllers come with an app for your phone that has features you can use to better manage your yard as easily as you can check Facebook.

[twocol_one]Save water with smarter irrigation

Some smart controllers use on-site sensors to talk to the controller, telling it when to skip a watering cycle if the soil is already moist. Other smart controllers use historical weather data and the local forecast to predict when it may rain and not need an irrigation cycle.

All smart controllers can help you water better than if you were to just guess when to start a cycle. With the help of a pro, you can save water by programming the controller to run at certain times, for certain durations and frequencies. And, with your smartphone, you can see your scheduled watering and any deviations (due to sensors or weather data).

“If you set it up correctly at the beginning with the precipitation rates and landscape information, then it’s set-it-and-forget-it,” said Eddie Gordon, homeowner and Rachio user.

See problems and get alerts

If you’ve ever had a broken pipe, you know the mess and headache it can create. But with a smart controller and flow sensor, your phone can tell you (and your irrigation contractor, if you gave them permission to access on their smartphone) when there’s a leak so you can catch the problem and get it resolved quickly. Once you (and your contractor) get the notification, you can work together to fix it and get your system back on track.[/twocol_one]


Features of Your Controller’s App


  • Integrates into your smart home system
  • No recurring fees
  • Grant access to your irrigation contractor

Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module

  • View scheduled waterings
  • Compatible with the ESP-TM2 and ESP-Me controllers
  • Share access with your irrigation contractor

Hunter Pro-HC with Hydrawise

  • Integrates into Amazon Alexa
  • Irrigation schedule auto-adjusts based on past and forecasted weather conditions
  • Know when there’s a problem with your irrigation system

WeatherTRAK LC

  • Change the watering schedule from anywhere in the world
  • See if problems arise with broken pipes or faulty wiring[/box][/twocol_one_last]

Integrate with your smart home

Some irrigation controllers can even integrate with your smart home! The Hydrawise software, with a Hunter HC Controller, connects with Amazon Alexa. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller integrates with Alexa, as well as Google Assistant, Nest and more. If you have a smart home and want a controller that works with the rest of your technology, these two are a great way to go.

To learn more about these products, contact an irrigation professional in your area or come to your local Ewing store to meet our friendly, knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions about these products and more.


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