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Functions and Benefits of Irrigation Controller Apps for the Professional

As an irrigation professional, it’s your job to ensure healthy plants—beyond that, it’s your job to ensure happy clients too. With all the technological advancements the past several years have brought, you can do just that and make your job more efficient without always having to make multiple jobsite visits with Wi-Fi-enabled smart controllers. While there are many on the market now, each has their own benefits you can use and educate your clients about for smarter watering habits. Download the app of your preferred irrigation controller to get access to the ones you’ve installed and you’ll always know what’s going on at your jobsites. 

[twocol_one]Know when something breaks

When there’s a leak, broken pipe or faulty wire, the smart controller with a flow sensor can send an alert right to your phone so you know which client is having a problem and fix it early. Once you get an alert that something’s wrong, you can reach out and schedule a visit to check out the problem before it floods their whole yard, ruining the BBQ they’d planned for the weekend or doubling their water bill. This type of service is sure to create a satisfied customer who will be glad to refer you to their coworkers and neighbors.

Reduce callbacks to the residence

Even if everything’s going well and there are no leaks, in years past you may have visited the jobsite a few times a year to make seasonal adjustments to the watering schedule. Now, you can do this straight from your phone. While each controller’s app is different, generally you can update a schedule, add or remove zones and monitor the system’s performance without having to visit the residence.

Show homeowners what their controller can do

Teach your clients about the features of their new Wi-Fi enabled smart controller. They rely on you to be the expert, but sometimes they want to be able to check for themselves that everything is running smoothly. Read more in our blog about features for homeowners and share this information with them.[/twocol_one]


Pro Features of the Apps


  • No recurring fees (for you or the homeowner!).
  • Control waterings from anywhere with remote access.
  • Extended warranty with pro installation.

Rain Bird LNK Wi-Fi Module

  • Multi-site management from your phone.
  • Create groups of controllers within the app.
  • Make changes to the program from your phone, reducing callbacks and jobsite visits.

Hunter Pro-HC with Hydrawise

  • Quick access to status, problems and changes of controllers with the Contractor Portal.
  • Remote off-site monitoring and the ability to change the watering schedule from anywhere.
  • Customized permissions allow for you to set controller settings and prevent unauthorized schedule changes.

WeatherTRAK LC

  • Remote access to status and controls.
  • Get notifications for leaks and field wire issues.
  • Control who can change the settings! Set permissions for mobile-only access and program change restrictions.[/box][/twocol_one_last]

These products and other smart irrigation solutions are available from your local Ewing store. Come in with questions or to get help from our friendly, knowledgeable Service Professionals.


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