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It's LAX Season at Ewing

Lacrosse, also known as “lax” to the diehards who play it, is gaining popularity across the United States. While the sport originated hundreds of years ago, its reputation as the fastest growing sport in America has appeared on newspaper headlines in just the last couple of years.

If you are one of the many high schools or colleges looking to increase your lacrosse team’s presence on the field, Ewing has the supplies you need.

Keep it Green

Any lacrosse player will tell you that the goal area sees the most action on a lacrosse field. Because of this, that area of the PRIMG.Sportsfields.laccrose field will need extra attention to survive the season.

“You want to make the grass in that area stronger with a healthy root system to withstand the traffic of the lacrosse goal area,” said Mike Estlinbaum, National Sports Turf Specialist for Ewing.

Lucky for field managers, soccer goals are placed in different spots from lacrosse goals (these sports often share one field). This means you can aerate and put down a product that will encourage the ground to hold moisture and grow the turf’s root system without disrupting the other sport’s goal area. Estlinbaum recommends AquaSmart PRO or Profile Field and Fairway for moisture retention and growing improved root systems.

Perfectly Painted

How does your field’s layout look? “Ewing has the lacrosse layout equipment, and custom and ribbon stencils needed to paint the field,” Estlinbaum said. “We also have World Class Paint concentrate as well as a ready-to-use variety in five gallon buckets to help you accomplish your painting needs,” he said.

If you are looking for additional striping options, consider Ewing/World Class Paint aerosol cans and an aerosol-striping machine, also available at Ewing.

The Ewing Advantage

Ewing carries more than just the products that go on top of your field. We have products that will help ensure every aspect of your field is as tough as the players who play on it. PRIMG.sportsfields.laccrosegoalie

“The big advantage of going with Ewing is that you can get your lacrosse net and game specific needs, but you can also get paint, irrigation heads and more. We have everything that your field needs—not just the net,” Estlinbaum said.

Consider Holganix products to keep your turf vibrant and healthy. Also try out our weighted anchorless pylons that are perfect for game day.

Ewing also staffs a team of Sports Fields Specialists to can help you develop a turf maintenance program specific to your field and region for year-round playability.

“Using Ewing products year round and having a solid turf maintenance program is important not only for lacrosse, but all sports played on that particular field,” Estlinbaum said.

Ready to get your field in gear for lax season? Contact your local Ewing store and let us help you get the products you need today, to create the game-winning field of tomorrow.



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