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Keep Your Baseball Fields Game Day Ready with These Products

If you manage a baseball field, you know all too well how much time and effort goes into maintaining the perfect playing surface. From managing moisture levels to maintaining proper irrigation, your goal is to keep players safe and help the game run smoothly.

Here are three tips for prepping your field and keeping it safe and playable.

Moisture control

Moisture is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to maintaining a sports field.

Infield and turf conditioners improve moisture retention by absorbing water and releasing it when needed. Conditioners can help prevent rainouts, because of its ability to hold more water.

Ewing carries a variety of infield and turf conditioners, such as Turface MVP Field Conditioner and Pro’s Choice infield conditioners that absorb excess water and improve drainage to give your field that all-star look.

At Ewing you can save big on Turface infield and turf conditioners with our Turface Early Order Program going on now until Dec. 15.

Clean lines

Whether you are managing a major league or a little league field, stark white lines mean the same thing.

As the field manager, your field’s lines need to be bright and crisp for every game. With a 4-wheel line marker you can achieve perfectly straight chalk lines.

This chalker’s setting adjusts for 2 to 4-inch lines, giving you flexibility when it comes to creating the perfect line. Its pneumatic tires can withstand long-term wear and tear as well.

Proper irrigation

While moisture control is an important aspect of maintaining your field, keeping your turf healthy and strong can make or break your field’s performance. Get the right amount of water to your turf with the Hunter Hose End Nozzle, sold at Ewing.

This 1-inch nozzle is great for washing down your turf or maintenance machinery and is fully adjustable, from a tight stream to a wide fan, for any water application needed.

Ewing carries all of these products and more to help you maintain the perfect sports field. Let us know what products you use to keep your sports field healthy and playable in the comments below.

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