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Knock Field Maintenance Out of the Park with Ewing’s Tools for Baseball

In the game of baseball, a pitcher’s tool is the iconic red stitched ball. A batter’s is the bat; a catcher’s, the mitt. For a baseball field manager, the game is maintenance and the tools are a variety of drag mats, tampers, field stripers and more needed to win a different kind of championship every time a player takes the field.

Ewing offers a variety of tools for field maintenance to help managers keep their fields at the top of their game.

Drag Mats

In order to maintain playable, smooth infields, drag mats can be a great way to perfect your field.beacon-premium-nail-drag-thumb

Whether you need rigid drag mats, cocoa drag mats, drag brooms, nail drags, hand or pull behind drag mats, Ewing is your star player.

Paint, Field Stripers + Marking Chalk

We can help you add color and style your field with a variety of paint (both aerosol and concentrate), field striping machines and marking chalk sold at Ewing.

Get perfectly straight lines, vibrant colors and bright white lines that are sure to wow the crowds.


Quickly apply seed, fertilizer, conditioners and more with spreaders sold at Ewing.chapin-pro-series-turf-spreader-thumb

We carry both drop and rotary spreaders in a variety of sizes and materials to help you get the precision needed to keep your fields healthy and in the game.


Adjustable Hose Nozzles

Like any grass field, moisture management is key to keeping baseball fields healthy and playable. Utilize Ewing’s variety of adjustable hose nozzles to water your fields with precision and accuracy—just like your players’ pitches.


Keep your field mounds packed tight with any of Ewing’s variety of tampers.beacon-sweet-spot-tamp-heads-with-handle

We carry steel and wood handled tampers as well as tamps with articulating heads to self-correct at the angle you’re hitting.

Stop by your local Ewing store for more information, or reach out to your local Ewing sports representative to find out how we can help you take home the trophy.

For more about sports field maintenance watch these Ewing videos.



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