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Labor shortage? Let us help you get to the next job faster!

This year, more than ever before, many customers are saying that they just can't find enough employees!

While we may not be able to offer skilled workers, we can do several things to make the employees you do have more efficient and get you to the next jobsite faster—which not only benefits you, but benefits your clients, too!

Choose time saving products

PRIMG WE Munro Complete ProMunro Complete PRO II: Cut pump installation time dramatically. They'll go from half a day to an hour or less. How fast is it? Watch this video to find out.



PRIMG Prod Landscape Products Drip ConversionDrip conversions: You can use the current sprinkler heads as a conversion point for a new drip zone, saving time with a conversion rather than a new drip zone installation. Ask your Ewing location about using Landscape Products Retro Drip Adaptor to convert a zone to drip irrigation.


Smart Irrigation ControllerRachio controller: With the Rachio free app on your smartphone, you can control this new ET-based controller from anywhere in the world. Get a call from a client with a concern about their irrigation system? Simply pull out your phone and check their controller. You don’t have to drive over to their home and make an extra stop in your day.



Pump School: Our partner, Munro, builds professional-grade pumps for almost any application. They have offered to provide training to your team on sizing and selecting, troubleshooting, and general knowledge about pumps.

Let us know what kind of training you would like, and we will work to schedule some pump training in your area.

Ewing Education Services: Whether you need education on hardscape, irrigation troubleshooting, or business matters, Ewing has a class that can help. These classes typically run September–April, so check out our website for information on what types of classes are available.

Local Ewing event: Many Ewing stores hold Lunch ‘n’ Learns or hands-on educational opportunities. Contact your local Ewing branch about upcoming events, or to let them know what products you are interested in learning more about.

To learn more about products to save you time or educational opportunities in your area, stop by your local Ewing Irrigation.

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