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Landscape Lighting for Security, Safety and Curb Appeal

Most people understand that landscape lighting extends the evening hours of enjoyment for backyards and landscaped areas—but did you know that it offers other valuable benefits?

A professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system can also contribute to improved safety, security, and curb appeal for private residences, HOA communities, and commercial buildings or complexes.


Well-placed landscape lighting fixtures illuminate areas that normally might provide cover for a potential intruder.

Adding a timer to a landscape lighting system allows you to control when the lights turn on and shut off. The timer can be set to turn on at dusk and off at dawn, or illuminate a landscape while a homeowner is away on vacation or a commercial building is vacant. This provides an extra level of deterrence, helping to minimize the risk of would-be intruders.

Some landscape lighting transformers have even more capabilities, not only in terms of lighting effects, but advanced control settings for more elaborate lighting programs.

FX’s Luxor transformer, for example, allows you to create and retain multiple custom programs. One program might turn your lights on at dusk, and start dimming them gradually to turn off at dawn. Another might signal lights located around the perimeter of a property, as well as a series of path lights located on the main pathway on the side of a house, to coincide with a homeowner’s typical arrival time in the evening after work.


The illumination of pathways, stairways and other venues used in darker hours will help alleviate the potential for trips, slips and falls, while still adding to the security and ambiance of the areas.

You can reduce the liability for yourself and others by providing illumination to higher-traffic areas.

Curb Appeal

When designed properly, a lighting system will bring out the architectural details of a home or business. It can also be used to highlight a unique feature of a landscape, such as a unique plant specimen or artistically welded gate in residential applications, or signage, water features, or outdoor artwork in commercial applications.

Landscape lighting can play an important role in entertaining, as well. For residences, landscape lighting can extend the usable space beyond your illuminated patio to a gazebo, sitting area or putting green. You can also coordinate elaborate lighting effects to impress your guests!

In commercial applications, landscape lighting can help extend the value and use of the space by allowing for outdoor receptions.

You can even further improve the ambience to any area by adding quality outdoor sound from Sonance.

With a professional landscape lighting system, you can enhance the beauty, security and safety of virtually any outdoor space. Professional contractors can request a demonstration from their local Ewing representative. So, what are you waiting for?

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