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Live Your Life in Color with the Luxor ZDC Controller

There are some things in life you don’t realize are important until they’re gone; and there are other things in life you just don’t know what you’re missing until you experience it firsthand—great landscape lighting is one of those things.

With zoning, dimming and color changing capabilities, the Luxor ZDC transformer allows you to create more than 250 independently adjustable lighting groups to fit any situation.

Whether clients are looking to have a backyard barbeque, turning on porch lights at the end of the day, leaving for the weekend, or simply enjoying a night at home, landscape lighting is the backdrop for the moments that turn into memories.

controllerThe Luxor ZDC line from FX Luminaire provides the perfect lighting options to help your clients enjoy those moments.

In addition to giving users a variety of options for their landscape lighting, this system is easy to use. The Luxor ZDC is compatible with an array of LED fixtures. From up lights and down lights, to path lights and specialty lights, you can create any combinations of backyard lighting your clients will love!

Already have an existing Luxor ZD system?

Upgrade easily to the ZDC system to take full advantage of the system’s new features.

The transformer’s new facepack with a color bar allows users to easily change their landscape’s lighting. You can now set up, change and control colors, brightness and zoning, and dimming all from a smartphone app.

After setting up your desired lighting group settings, all it takes is a simple swipe of your phone and any backyard can go from a daytime event with family to a late night dinner party with friends.

Within the app, first select the color you’d like to light up the backyard with. Then, slide the saturation bar to personalize the color; finally, change the color’s intensity to bring your backyard to life!

The Luxor ZDC now also has linking capabilities for larger landscapes. The linking capabilities allow you to control more than one transformer at a time.

“The Luxor linking allows for expanded capabilities with one app to control all of the lights on three transformers instead of one,” said Roger Ramsey, Ewing’s National Specialty Products Manager.

The Luxor ZDC now has a color wheel option, allowing the user to set how quickly or slowly the color changing fixtures transition through the 30,000 colors available with the Luxor controller. In addition, the color changing technology is now available in a 3-LED board size, vastly expanding the number of color changing fixtures to choose from.

To find out more, check out the Luxor ZDC system online or stop by your local Ewing branch.

Learn the basics of the Luxor ZD system in this Ewing video.


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