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Manage Dandelion Weeds with These 4 Tips

While dandelions might not be the most unsightly weeds, they’re still a dangerous and fierce opponent for a landscape’s overall health and long-term viability.

Dandelion weeds compete with grass or plants for the soil’s nutrients, which, if left untreated, could cause serious damage to the surrounding grass or plants.

Give landscapes the tools to protect themselves from dandelions with these four ways to prevent or remove dandelion weeds.

Follow the 1/3 rule

To give your grass its best chance of defeating dandelions, don’t cut it off at the knees.

When mowing, remove no more than 1/3 of the grass’ blade in a single mowing. This will allow the plant to capture enough sunlight to thrive and survive a dandelion infestation.

Looking for more information on proper mowing techniques? Check out our blog on mowing.

Apply a thick layer of mulch

For planter beds, give plants an extra layer of cushion to fight off pesky dandelions. Like boxing gloves for your flowers, mulch helps protect the plants and suppresses encroaching weeds.

By preventing sunlight from reaching the dandelion seedlings that enter a planter bed, mulch can help reduce the chances of germination and causes the dandelion weed to die off before reaching the surface.

Add an herbicide

If mulch and the 1/3 rule aren’t enough to overcome the dandelion problem, applying a three-way herbicide in the late spring or fall is one of the most effective ways to kill dandelions.

Look for products that include these three ingredients:

  • 2, 4-D
  • MCPP
  • Dicamba

You can find these in products such as Trimec 922 or Nufarm Triplet® SF. While applying an herbicide in late spring could effectively control dandelion weeds, a second application in the fall will help to manage them throughout the following spring.

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