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Managing Excessive Pressure in Your Irrigation System

If an irrigation system is experiencing a hiccup, many people prefer to deal with the problem of excessive pressure rather than combating low pressure in an irrigation system. Regardless of which one you are experiencing, managing pressure is one of the key components in water conservation and in an efficient irrigation system—both of which can save you time and money.

With the information and products available today, managing and eliminating the problems that arise from excessive pressure are easily obtainable.

To eliminate problems such as high-pressure loss through fittings, pipe and valves, excessive fogging from rotors and spray heads and pressure levels that may be causing inconsistent water—consider these products below.


600xl Wilkins 600

Wilkins 600 Pressure Regulators: This is a lead-free brass pressure regulator—great for use on a mainline because it  can be operated under continuous pressure. This product comes factory set at 50 PSI, but has a nut on top of the unit to regulate the pressure from 25 to 75 PSI. By using the Wilkins 600, you can manage water hammer and excessive pressure loss throughout your irrigation system.

Accu-Sync Accu-Sync


Hunter Accu-Sync Adjustable Pressure Regulator: This device attaches to the solenoid port of any Hunter valve in order to regulate the pressure on the discharge side of the valve. You can use this product on your master valve to manage water pressure for the entire system at one location, or you can use it at the zone control valves at the manifold for dialing in the ideal pressure for each individual zone. This adjustable model eliminates excessive fogging from rotors and spray heads. It also decreases drip zone pressure to achieve peak performance and efficiency.


Rain Bird XCZF-PRF Drip Zone Kit: This is a zone valve kit that has a 100-DVF valve with a 200-mesh stainless steel filter and a pressure regulator available in 30 PSI or 40 PSI. This combination makes maintenance and installation quick and easy. The XCZF-PRF works great when used on a drip zone; it has a filter for preventing clogging and includes a pressure regulator that helps achieve the prime drip pressure for peak efficiency.

1800 PRS 1800 PRS

Pro-Spray 4 inch Pro-Spray 4- inch

Hunter Pro-Spray 4-Inch Pop-Up Body and Rain Bird 1804 4-Inch Spray Body: Both of these products are pressure-regulated pop-up sprinkler heads. They are great heads for helping you get matched pressure to all of the nozzles. This allows you to be able to match your precipitation rates while also achieving the distances you need. Both of these heads have the option to be purchased with a check valve and pressure regulator.

If you implement these products on your next design, repair or install, you’ll have better luck controlling and managing your high-pressure problems, and have the irrigation system running at peak performance and efficiency in no time.

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