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Marking Your Territory: Airless Field Striping

Field stripes are important; more important than some may think. The bright, white line aids the referee in deciding if the game-winning soccer throw-in was clean or no good. It decides if the homecoming touchdown was fair or another out-of-bound attempt at glory. Athletes and their fans depend on a straight, consistent field line; something an airless field striper can accomplish.

There are several key components that make a good field stripe. It needs to be consistent, straight and bright in order to properly set boundaries for the sports field. A field stripe is “the final touch of the field that makes it playable,” said Jeremy Bohonko, Regional Manager at Ewing. An airless field striper can help you accomplish that goal.

Airless field stripers are newer to the sports field industry compared to traditional pressure pot field stripers, but they offer many benefits that make them a worthy competitor in the sports field industry. When you put down a field line with an airless striper, it coats both sides of the turf consistently due to the high pressure made available from the airless system.

PRIMG Misc FootballIt also works to make your paint give you more bang for your buck. “The way that the paint is distributed makes the paint go further,” Bohonko said.

Airless field stripers provide benefits in clean up as well. “You are able to flush your lines better with the airless because you can run water through it pretty quickly,” Bohonko said. This is greatly appreciated after a long day of work.

If you haven’t tried an airless field striper yet, Bohonko strongly suggests you do. The benefits of an airless field striper can be seen as early as the set up process and can last through clean up. “An airless field striper will give you a nice, crisp line that will stay consistent and make your paint go further,” Bohonko said.

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