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Meet the Instructor: Tim Fernald

Ewing Education Services instructor, Tim Fernald, will be teaching Ewing's Integrated Pest Management (IPM) workshop this year. Read our Q&A with Tim to learn more about him and the class.

Where do you live, and what’s your favorite thing about living there?

I live in Redding, Calif. My favorite thing about living in Redding is that I have two wonderful lakes that are 11 miles from my house. I am three hours to the ocean or Reno, and an hour to see snow.

How did you get involved in the Green Industry?

I started in 1989 as an agronomic sales representative for Wilbur-Ellis. I became a California Agricultural Pesticide Control Advisor specializing in turf, vegetative management and forestry. I joined Ewing Irrigation in 2007 on the Turf Products Team as a sales representative, and also started teaching Plant Science at Shasta College.

You’re teaching the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) class. Who should attend this class and why?

Anyone who deals with pesticides, fertilizers and works in the Green Industry that contends with pest such as weeds, insects and diseases.  The class will cover how we identify pests and how to choose the correct control method, and understanding what disrupts the aesthetics of a landscape and what the best management practice to use is, no matter where you work. The information you learn in the class can be applied immediately in the field.

What is your favorite thing about teaching in the Green Industry?

My favorite thing about teaching is passing on the greatest quality of up-to-date education to my students, and having them apply the information to help them grow their business, or themselves.

Mac or PC? 


Cake or pie?


What’s your favorite TV show?

Criminal Minds.

To register for Tim’s class, or another workshop your area, visit www.EwingEducationServices.com. 

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