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“Move away from the shovel with your hands up!”

What would you think if you went to the doctor because you weren’t feeling too hot and he walked toward you with a scalpel in his hands?? Are you kidding me? Hey Doc, it’s just a sore throat, lose the knife!

As ridiculous as that sounds, it is what is done day in and day out when irrigation repairs are done. Up your professionalism by diagnosing the irrigation system with the proper tools. A volt/ohm meter is a MUST to troubleshoot electrical problems on conventional systems. A pressure gauge will be used to identify and isolate pressure problems. Your phone is the most useful tool at your disposal.

Call a friend in the industry if you get stumped. The local Ewing branch has trained personnel ready to assist when duty calls. Bottom line, lose the shovel! It should be the last thing you grab.

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