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New Product Contest Winners from 2018 Irrigation Show

Each year, during the annual Irrigation Show hosted by the Irrigation Association (IA), dozens of manufacturers submit their best new products for judging and consideration, all hoping to win the New Product Contest. This year, 58 new products and technologies were entered into the content among five categories.


As part of the evaluation process, these entries were judged on innovation, design quality, increased water/resource-use efficiency, ease of use and product life expectancy by experienced green industry professionals. During the general session of the Irrigation Show, 2018 IA President Warren Gorowitz, IA CEO Deborah Hamlin and incoming 2019 IA President Ed Santalone Jr. presented the 2018 New Product Contest winners.


Below are the new products recognized by the industry in each of the five categories:


Landscape Irrigation Category

FLOMEC QS200 Insertion Ultrasonic Flowmeter by Great Plains Industries

As a low-cost, effective and easy to install flowmeter, the FLOMEC QS200 has no moving parts and accurately reads liquid flow rates through ultrasonic technology, instead of sensing the liquids. With its ultrasonic technology, it detects even very low flow leaks, making it useful for drip irrigation as well.


Agriculture Irrigation Category

S7 Spinner by Nelson Irrigation

The S7 is a micro-sprinkler with a new level of technology—flow-control nozzles. Focused on quality reliability and durability, the nozzles can maintain a flow rate regardless of fluctuating pressure and continues to provide Nelson’s quick-clean, quick –connect technology.


Landscape Lighting Category

Wi-Fi Smart MR-16 and PAR-16 lamps by Brilliance LED

These Brilliance LED products are Wi-Fi enabled, RGBW lamps with color control from any smart device through the Brilliance app. Users can control any Kelvin temperature of white and a wide range of reds, greens and blues, as well as manage zones and groupings, set timers and remotely adjust lighting needs from anywhere.


Landscape Specialty Category

TreeDiaper 36-inch Advanced Hydration Mat by Ecoturf Midwest Inc.

Promoted as more than a tree watering bag, this hydration mat provides irrigation, insulation and weed barrier protection all while conserving water through its slow release, super absorbent polymers.


Agriculture Specialty Category

Arable Mark by Arable

In our Internet of Things (IoT) era, Arable embraces that technology with this new irrigation management tool, weather station and crop monitor, all packaged in one new product.


Did you attend the Irrigation Show this year? Which new products stood out to you? Share in the comments below.


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