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“Not So Smart” Irrigation Photo Caption Contest Winners!

We've tallied up the scores, and chosen our favorite captions in the "Not So Smart" Irrigation Photo Caption Contest. Check them out:

Photo 1

Not So Smart Irrigation

Bryant Traylor: New meaning of MPR - "Mixed Precipitation Rate".

Jeff Miller: “Two heads are not always better than one.” –Proverb on Matched Precipitation Rates

Scotty P.: The long and the short of it is YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!

Mark Lyle: Listen you little punk, this is my turf, you go spray somewhere else!

Scott Thompson: Papa (rotor) showing Jr. (spray) what it will be like when he gets older.

Photo 2

Not So Smart Irrigation

Randy: “...and you can even have a community vegetable garden.”

Mark: 'cuz digging is too mainstream.

Photo 3

Not So Smart Irrigation

Richard Hall: "We like to put everything in one place, just in case...?"

Chris Lanier: You might be a bad irrigation installer if: You put anything in that resembles this.

John Buchholz: Army irrigation: Left, right, left, right.

Photo 4

  Not So Smart Irrigation

Brandon Lengtat: "Ya, I think they're gonna eventually build a shed right here so toss a flag up in the air and see which side of the sidewalk we'll put the controller."

Matt Torres: Naa don't worry about it. I made sure to lock it.

Photo 5

Not so smart irrigation

Janice Carnley: I said I wanted a low maintenance landscape...wasn't expecting this!

Miguel G.: St. Asphalteus, easily the most low-maintenance ground-cover variety on the market, requires very little water to keep its sheen - one spray head will suffice.

Photo 6

Not So Smart Irrigation

Matt Torres: I don't want my little babies to get too cold.

Raul: "Valve boxes?.....VALVE BOXES?!....WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' BOXES!!!"


Photo 7

Not So Smart Irrigation

Jeff Miller: Finally, a sprinkler system you mow under and not over!

And the winners are....   

  • First place goes to Matt Torres! Matt will receive a $50 Visa gift card.
  • Second place goes to Jeff Miller! Jeff will receive a $25 Visa gift card.

All the other contestants with captions listed here will also receive our "honorable mention" prize, a $10 Visa gift card, if eligible. Please contact us to claim your prize, if you do not receive an email from us today.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Keep watching out for “not so smart” irrigation, and let’s promote smart irrigation this July!

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