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Operation Indicators: Your Friends in Drip Irrigation Maintenance

Wondering if that drip irrigation system you just installed is working correctly? Waiting to see if the landscape wilts is not the way to find out. Take a proactive approach, and utilize an operation indicator for your point source and dripline applications.

Answering drip irrigation system questions
Your local Ewing can assist you with monitoring a drip system. Ask about tools like…

Rain Bird's Drip System Operation Indicator Kit. Rain Bird's Drip System Operation Indicator Kit.

The Drip System Operation Indicator Kit from Rain Bird. The indicator’s nozzle head will rise six inches to provide you a clear visual sign that your system is running. If you want to change the water flow, you can adjust the pre-installed nozzle to a wetting pattern to be used as an additional signal. Once the system stops running, the nozzle head will drop back down.

Netafim's Pressure Indicator Stake. Netafim's Pressure Indicator Stake.

Netafim’s Pressure Indicator Stake. With its barbed fittings, this stake provides a secure fit for drip tubing—and easy installation without clamps, glue or tools. The stake is made in one piece to provide added strength, durability and performance for the long term.

What if the indicator doesn’t pop up?
An inactive indicator suggests an issue with the system. To troubleshoot a solution, answer these five questions:

  1. Did the master valve not open?
  2. Is there a lack of pressure?
  3. Did the zone valve not open?
  4. Does the filter need to be cleaned?
  5. Is there a break in the tubing?

Ewing is your drip irrigation resource
Your local Ewing store is ready to assist you in best maintaining the drip systems at your sites. Visit today and ask how products like operation indicators and more can improve your projects.


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