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Plant a Flower Day Tips for Healthy Flowers with Less Water

PRIMG Misc Plant a Flower DayMarch 12 is Plant a Flower Day—a great time to brighten up landscapes with some colorful blooms.

Here are some flower-friendly products that can help keep your flowers looking great while saving water all season:

1. AquaSmart Pro

AquaSmart Pro is an absorbent polymer-coated sand that helps your soil retain more moisture and nutrients, so you can water less frequently and still maintain healthy plants.

In a comparison of potted plants grown with the same nutrient and watering schedules, Master Gardener Brian Stewart found that the plants grown with AquaSmart Pro were greener, bushier, and overall healthier.

You can improve the growth rate and overall vitality of your flowerbeds and planters with just a small amount of AquaSmart Pro. Four tablespoons per gallon of soil is recommended.


2. Holganix Bloom

Good plant nutrition includes more than nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Holganix is a plant-based, organic compost tea full of beneficial ingredients that help plants grow strong and healthy, including:

  • Endo and Ectomycorrhizae fungi to help roots with water and nutrient uptake
  • Bacteria that help break down potting media to improve the soil for the rooting process
  • Lignin polymers allow the roots to funnel deeper by reducing compaction

Holganix Blooma Bio 800+ product, is specially formulated for flowering plants, for more colorful blooms, improved disease resistance and better growth.

3. Tournesol Container Irrigation

Tournesol’s container irrigation products are self-watering irrigation systems with options to fit virtually any shaped planter.

The hand-filled reservoirs in each pot use a vacuum-sensor system to give plants exactly the amount of water they need.

The reservoir is filled by hand every 1-2 weeks for outdoor plants, depending upon the plant types and location. Water in the reservoir flows into the soil through tiny holes along the bottom of liners and is wicked up through the soil until it reaches the moisture sensor, halting watering until it is needed again.

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