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Professional Pump Installation Made Easy

Pump installations can be a messy business, with many parts and pieces, multiple trips to multiple stores, and a lot of frustration—but they don’t have to be.

Professional pump installation kits, like the new Complete PRO II from Munro, can help you complete professional pump projects faster and more efficiently, while maintaining quality.

Avoid spending extra time, effort and energy in choosing each individual fitting, gauge and hose for your pump and booster projects. Minimize return visits for forgotten component parts. Skip the hassle of constructing a pump house out of salvaged wood or other items with a professional enclosure, already included in the kit.

Make the work swift and simple

Get everything you need to get the job done quickly and accurately, in one high-quality professional pump package. The Complete PRO II includes:

  • Munro LP centrifugal pump (LP ¾ to 3 hp or LP1502)
  • Munro pump control box (StartBox, SmartBox or Brainbox)
  • Professional powder coated stainless steel pump enclosure
  • Suction and discharge fittings
  • Electrical outlet assembly
  • Pressure sensor
  • Gauge
  • Discharge hose

If you have an upcoming pump job, give the Complete PRO II a try. Visit your local Ewing branch to learn more about the value of a professional pump installation.

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