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Rain Sensors: A Great Sales Opportunity In Any Season

You might think it odd to be talking about rain sensors when we’re still experiencing summer weather. But with the many practical and sustainable benefits they offer, rain sensors are a great upsell opportunity you can take advantage of any time of the year.

Why rain sensors?

Rain sensors help prevent water waste on properties by stopping watering during rainfall, whether it’s a heavy storm or a short cloudburst. Rain sensors are a necessity where ordinances prohibit irrigation when rain is falling. In Texas and other states, rain sensors are required for every irrigation controller installed. Sensors make a great retrofit opportunity for our customers as well, by allowing them to go back and visit previous site installation.

Wireless sensors provide the same benefits as wired ones, but with the added bonus of quick and easy installation: Just mount the receiver adjacent to the irrigation controller, and attach the transmitter to a fence or gutter near the receiver to maintain radio reception. Having no wires or conduits running up and down walls or fences also helps maintain a property’s aesthetic appearance.

Sensor innovations

Sensors can assist property owners in the winter months, as well. Using freeze sensors can help to eliminate ice on landscapes. A freeze sensor will automatically shut off water flow when temperatures drop to near freezing and reset the system once temperatures rise. Another benefit is safety: by preventing the system from running, the potential hazard of having irrigation water landing and freezing on pavement and walkways is nonexistent.

Newer sensor technology allows you to select the number of days for a property to dry out before watering resumes. This is done based on soil composition. A property with sandy soil will require less time to dry out than a property with silt or clay, and advanced sensor settings recognize this.

Rain sensors make for an excellent upsell opportunity because they have so much to offer. Why not lead your market by recommending a rain sensor with every irrigation controller you sell at your branch? You will be surprised how quickly those sales will add up!

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