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Save Time and Money with Ewing's YouTube Channel!

Learning new things about your trade is a proven way to improve your skills and stay ahead of the competition. Ewing offers many different education options including classes, training events and our one-of-a-kind YouTube education videos.

The Ewing YouTube channel features a collection of short, informational videos on different topics within the irrigation and landscape industry such as:

Education on Your Schedule

Online educational videos are a fabulous resource because they don’t require you to drive somewhere to learn, and can they can be accessed at any time.

Doug Donahue, Ewing Account Manager and Irrigation Specialist, has starred in several of the videos and encourages people to utilize this unique resource.

He recounted walking through town recently and bumping into a gentleman who recognized him from seeing his irrigation video on a Ewing branch T.V.

“He knew that even if he couldn’t watch the whole video at the branch, he could go home and find it on YouTube,” Donahue said. That’s the beauty of an educational video that’s available online—you can make it fit with your schedule.

Show and Tell: Visual Learning PRIMG. Education. ewing-youtube-1

Sometimes the written word isn’t enough to properly convey a complex concept. Hunter Williams, Branch Manager at Ewing’s Chandler, Ariz., location, has also participated in several videos and believes they are a great visual learning tool for contractors. “You get the visual of how to do something you haven’t done or weren’t sure about,” he said.

The videos provide timely, precise information that can help you safely and effectively get a job done. “They are all researched and reviewed to make sure the information is accurate and thorough,” Williams said.

Donahue believes the videos help explain things in a way that instruction manuals may not be able to. “It might be showing products, or applications for products, that you are not even aware of,” Donahue said. If watching a Ewing video saves you time, it is ultimately saving you money as well.

It’s All About You

These videos are created with you in mind. We want anyone at anytime to be able to access these videos and learn something new that benefits them in the work place. Most of the videos are filmed in English, but some video topics are also available in Spanish.

“It is a unique service we are offering and one that is in line with how techy the world is,” Williams said. “People would much rather see and hear about something than read it.”

If you haven’t visited Ewing’s YouTube channel yet, check it out here.

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