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Save Time on Fall Landscape Clean-ups

In the fall, the changing weather results in a lot of work that can help generate revenue and win the trust of customers, including fall clean-up projects. Falling leaves from trees all across the country result in jobs practically landing in business owners’ hands, but not without the cost of time.

There are ways to save time and energy when working on leaf and clean-up projects. Here are a few things to consider to save time on the job.

Mulch the leaves

Mulching is a very effective way of getting more leaves into a single bag with less work. The simplest way to do this is to use a lawn mower equipped with a dust-filtering catcher.

Mowing in a stripe pattern will ensure any loose leaf trimmings aren’t left uncaught. The chopped leaves will be much easier to compact in bags. The trade-off is that this method will only be effective when using contractor-rated equipment – the blades, engines, and catchers on bargain mowers won’t measure up to the performance needed.

This is also a more practical idea for residential yards. Commercial properties tend to necessitate the use of larger riding mowers that don’t have catchers. As a result, the chopped leaves left on the ground could make clean-ups even more time-consuming.

Use the right tools and containers

When doing clean-ups by hand, having the proper tools will make the process run smoothly.

A staple of any clean-up job would be durable trash cans like the green 32-gallon can commonly found at Ewing branches; the BigMouth Snap-On Trash Can Scoop is an excellent add-on for faster leaf collection. Couple these with 5-gallon buckets for each crew member to ensure that everyone can collect material efficiently.


After raking, scoop shovels, such as the 48-Inch Handle Aluminum Western Scoop Shovel by Corona, can be very useful for picking up large piles in a quick, efficient manner. For heavier, thicker material like branches and bush trimmings, a pitchfork such as Corona’s 4 Tine Manure Fork with Wood Handle may be faster and safer than picking them up by hand.

Finally, don’t forget to stock up on protective gear like gloves and safety glasses for fast and safe clean ups.

Figure out what works and what doesn’t

Doing something that works doesn’t mean that it’s the safest or fastest way to get the job done. The following questions are good to ask when evaluating the time spent on fall clean-up jobs:

  • Is using a blower to gather leaves making a mess faster than it’s making piles?
  • Will mowing a yard while also mulching leaves help accomplish two jobs at once?
  • Would jobs go faster if your hand tools or mower blades were sharpened?
  • Can you save time and energy bagging leaves by raking into smaller piles first?

There are many ways to save time on fall maintenance, but contractors will need to discover what methods and tools works best for them. One thing is true—the quicker the job can be finished, the more opportunities to earn money and win over customers.

For any more tips about faster fall clean-up and what products to use, contact your local Ewing branch.

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