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Save Water and Time with Baseline Soil Moisture Sensors

Baseline S100

Saving water is a hot topic of conversation these days. You know it’s important, and you hear it from your clients. Soil moisture sensors measure actual soil moisture content at the sensor location, which can help save water by only watering the amount needed, when it’s needed.

The Baseline WaterTec S100 soil moisture sensor is the right tool for the job because it's the easiest way to add efficiency to an existing sprinkler system, with no maintenance and no monthly charge.

Place and Install a WaterTec S100

At the core of the S100 is Baseline's patented biSensor technology. The biSensor is buried in the root zone and relays real-time moisture data back to the WaterTec S100 monitor. The current moisture is compared against an adjustable threshold to determine when to allow the irrigation system to water.

Watch the video for tips and information on installation of the WaterTec S100.


When you choose where to bury the sensor, take these things into consideration:

  • Avoid runoff areas next to hardscapes and buildings
  • Place within 25 feet of a valve box, for easy install with the sensor’s 25-foot lead
  • Place in an average area (not the wettest, not the driest) in the zone that needs to be watered most frequently

Configure and Calibrate a WaterTec S100

The WaterTec S100 also includes an auto-calibration feature, which makes initial configuration a snap. Just saturate the soil where the sensor is buried, and initiate an auto-calibration cycle—the S100 will not allow the controller to water during the 24-hour calibration period.

Watch the video for configuration and calibration tips.


It’s not just about conserving water! With soil moisture sensors like the WaterTec S100, you can save your clients money with less water use, save yourself time and labor by not having to regularly drive back out to jobsites to adjust clocks, and make the landscapes you manage healthier and more beautiful.

Stop by your local Ewing store to learn more about soil moisture sensors, or shop for soil moisture sensors online.

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