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Set the Mood for Your Outdoor Living Environment with the 12v Bistro Lighting Bulb

While summertime is known for its late nights and backyard hangouts, the new 12v bistro lighting bulb makes any season the right one to enjoy your outdoor living area. This new bulb is perfect for temporary or permanent installations to create ambiance and light up any space.

What sets the 12v bistro bulb apart is its “functional, yet festive” design, said Roger Ramsey, Ewing’s National Specialty Products Manager.

The 12v, one watt, LED bulb features a rich 2,200K warm white color temperature matching our 120v lamp. The 12v lamp has an ultra white color temperature, Ramsey said, which creates that warm glow typically associated with incandescence.

“This new, production-based 12v system is not meant to completely replace our 120v plug-and-place products, but serves as an easy add-on sale opportunity for professional landscape lighting installers,” Ramsey said.

Bistro spools The 12v Bistro Lighting bulb cable spools.

Installation of the 12v lamp is simple; it can be done with a standard single pole switch that allows for separate on/off control.

Ramsey recommends limiting each wire run to 50 lamps, or 100 feet of cable. After 100 feet the lamps begin to dim due to voltage drop, but if you have a large space and need to hang more than 50 bulbs, Ramsey suggests using a center feed to run multiple cables to maintain the bulb’s rich, warm white glow.

“Your installation opportunities—large and small—are only bound by your imagination,” Ramsey said. “I have found that umbrella installations are a fabulous way to add

Bistro lighting An umbrella installation with the 12v bistro lighting bulb.

light to any outdoor entertainment areas—providing a soft, ambient light that is just the right amount of light for dining or simply enjoying the evening with guests.”

If you’re looking to bring some ambient light to your backyard, come in to a Ewing branch to turn on the 12v bistro lighting bulb and see how bright your patio can shine.

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