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Seven Perfect Summer Upsells

You sell your services to your customers. You know what they use, but you also know what they could be using, if only they knew they needed it.

Upselling is a great way to increase your profits. And by upselling, you can meet a real need that the customer either didn’t know they had or didn’t know you offered.

Outdoor spaces are becoming more important to people so they don’t “have to travel far to feel like they are getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” said Dennis Hyde, a Ewing hardscape specialist in Texas. “They can walk outside their home and enjoy their unique space.”

During the summer season, people spend more time outside and are ready to update their outdoor spaces. As a landscape professional, you can help design a spot for them that they will love! There are many outdoor features you can use to create a unique living area.

Fire Ring Hardscape KitFire ring kits: A fire ring can create the perfect atmosphere for a night at home with a group of friends. Rockwood Fire Ring kits are easy-to-assemble blocks in three colors. These kits can be assembled in an afternoon. “It can enhance even the smallest of projects. It is a low cost and low labor burden product,” said Hyde.

Sonarray SR1: Sonance's Sonarray SR1 Landscape Audio System is an outdoor sound system that creates crisp, fresh and bold sound. Easy to install, it has eight satellite speakers and can provide sound for up to 2,000 square feet. The Sonarray can be installed around swimming pools, patios and walkways to provide an inviting space. “It's all about quality of life and the environment we create around us to enhance it,” said Roger Ramsey, a member of Ewing’s Arizona specialty products sales team. “Applying high fidelity music adds another layer to the dream.”

Aquascape FountainSmall water features: Small water features, like the ponds and fountainscapes from Aquascape, create a beautiful area where your clients can relax or spend time with family and friends. There are several options to fit the space, by size, style and budget!

Pet fountains: Now that the cold is gone, animals will want to be outdoors too. A pet fountain ensures that your customer’s dog will have access to water, even if no one is around to refill their bowl. Pet fountains come in a variety of designs, so you can be sure to find one to fit the needs and tastes of your customers.


PRIMG HS Outdoor KitchenOutdoor BBQ kits: To throw the perfect backyard summer party, suggest adding a BBQ kit to your customer’s yard. You can create custom BBQ areas in a variety of shapes, sizes and stone materials. “It also creates a whole new dimension of customization to the individual’s outdoor space,” Hyde said.


PRIMG LT LED with FlowersLED lighting: “A well lit landscape is the bridge from our interior living environment to our outdoor one,” said Ramsey. Lighting extends the use of outdoor spaces into the nighttime hours, and can be especially popular in hot climates, where the use of outdoor spaces is limited when the sun is out. LEDs typically have a lamp life 10 times longer than halogen or incandescent lighting, meaning there will be less maintenance or callbacks to replace burned out bulbs.

PRIMG Misc Golf Ball HoleSynthetic turf putting greens: Getting outside in the sun is what summer is all about! Why not suggest a putting green to your customers? “Synthetic turf is a real option for homeowners, and a real opportunity for our contractors to survive in the business,” said Dennis Kemp, Ewing’s turf specialist in Arizona. A putting green would give them the perfect place to practice their putt in their own backyard, and add a place to hold contests when hosting parties. Even kids would love to get out and play some “mini-golf” in their own backyard. The EPS Turf line has a variety of synthetic options that require less maintenance compared to traditional turf.

The more diverse your product and service offering, the more jobs you can have. Expanding your business offerings can improve your profitability.

“Be proactive in learning ways to do new things like synthetic turf, hardscape, lighting, ponds and water features, drip irrigation, as well as basic sprinkler installs and repair,” said Kemp. “I think it is all about keeping busy and making money.”

Go to your local Ewing branch today to learn more about these and other options available to help grow your business.

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