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Smart Irrigation Month Contest: Smart Opportunities

It’s Smart Irrigation Month, and a great time to learn about smart irrigation. . . so we’ve decided to listen to the experts—you!

This week we’ll post four smart irrigation-related questions on our blog and Facebook page, and we invite you to post your answers and check out what others are saying.

Answer our questions and impress us with your smarts, and you could an Irri-Tool—an 11-in-1 irrigation tool!

Make sure to read all our official rules, and post your answers before Aug. 1 to be eligible to win!

Thanks for sharing your smarts!

Enter the contest:

Waterblogged | Facebook

About the Irri-Tool

This pocket-size tool offers eight different features for on-the-spot repairs and adjustments to sprinklers, drip and more, including drip hole-punches, screwdrivers, a hex key, Water Hook™ and Bat Wrench™.

The Irri-Tool allows you to easily and quickly:

  • Clean spray-head nozzles, drip nozzles and emitters
  • Lift and adjust spray-head nozzles
  • Lift and adjust all major brand single-stream and MP Rotator® heads
  • Remove and replace single-stream rotor nozzles
  • Create two sizes of drip system holes
  • Install irrigation controllers
  • Repair small equipment

By the way, you can also get the Irri-Tool on sale this week at Ewing stores and online (with a registered web account), through July 28!

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