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Smart Tech Can Make Life Brighter, and Easier, for Contractors and Clients

When it comes to landscape lighting, the possibilities for enhancing outdoor spaces are endless — especially when you add smart technology to the mix. In addition to making life easier for both you and your clients, smart devices give you the ability to easily add a “wow factor” that will blow your clients away with impressive designs and installs.

“Whether you have one client or many, smart devices are the best way to manage your outdoor lighting projects,” said Roger Ramsey, Ewing’s Outdoor Living Category Manager. Here are his top tips for lighting up the night in 2022.

Technology Lets You Get Creative with Ease

Thanks to color-changing RGBw (red, green, blue, warm white) LED technology, crews don’t need to constantly install, modify, take down, and/or reinstall lighting for clients who like lots of different looks outdoors.

Do you have clients who want you to set a romantic mood for an intimate anniversary dinner, brighten up a welcome-home party, or create an event or holiday theme? Ramsey said it’s easy with products like FXLuminaire’s Luxor with ZDC technology, Halco/Sollos ColorSplash, Brilliance Chameleon and Vista RGBw. Each allows you to install regular, year-round lighting then change the look in an instant using a smart device.

Many event rental companies regularly utilize RGBw LED lighting for temporary displays and setups, saving time and money by utilizing one product and one app to accomplish a multitude of scenes and themes.

“It’s super-versatile. It’s all app-driven on your phone,” he said of smart tech. In addition, calendar-based programming allows you to design holiday and other themes in advance and set your client’s system to make the change automatically on a given day, then automatically switch back to regular lighting when the event or holiday is over.

While many see landscape lighting and holiday/event lighting as an either/or choice, that isn’t the case, Ramsey said.

“We’ve found the best scenes are typically created when multiple lighting designs are used to complement one another. Utilizing layers of lifestyle enhancement rather than a single product or look goes a long way in maximizing your outdoor living experiences,” he said. “Color-changing landscape lighting can be set to mimic traditional incandescent lighting throughout the year but can then be changed to match or complement any holiday, wedding, sports theme, or other specific event.”

To determine what lighting combinations are best for your clients, reach out to your local Ewing branch professional.

Peace of Mind is a Major Benefit of Smart Tech

Alarm mode safety features that are part of smart technology lighting systems are a big draw for many people, Ramsey said. If a home or business owner hears a noise or becomes concerned that someone may be on their property, they can use their phone to immediately turn on every outdoor light.

“This added layer of safety and security is another benefit to adopting and incorporating smart tech into your lighting designs,” he said.

Smart Controllers Make Life Easier for Clients

Smart lighting controllers are a great option for those who want added control and convenience turning their lights on and off but don’t require color-changing lights, though there are models that do that, too. These devices can automatically track sunrise and sunset times by location, or you or client can use the smartphone app on or offsite to program alternative on/off times and offsets for areas on the property that get lighter or darker earlier.

To learn how smart controllers work, check out Ewing’s YouTube channel, where you also can find a series of landscape lighting videos filled with installation tips, holiday lighting ideas, and creative lighting solutions. The channel also offers numerous how-tos on a variety of other subjects of interest to landscape contractors, from installing a firepit to how to perform a landscape irrigation audit.

For ideas on landscape lighting opportunities to consider adding to your list of services, check out Ramsey’s blog, How to Upsell Lighting Projects for Every Jobsite, then reach out to your local Ewing branch for assistance on setting up a night demonstration and to discuss how to put your plans into action.

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