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Social Media for Landscapers: Answering Customer Questions Online

This article is part of our blog series, Social Media for Landscapers, featuring tips on how you can take advantage of social media for your business.

Most companies today wouldn’t imagine ignoring a phone call or email from a customer. When it comes to social media, however, the opposite is often true. Many times Facebook messages are not responded to and direct messages on Twitter or LinkedIn go unread.

However, according to information technology research experts, failing to communicate with customers via social media is as harmful to companies as ignoring phone calls or emails.

This is because social media is becoming increasingly important to the relationship between businesses and customers across all industries.

In 2016, 79 percent of all online adults used Facebook, 24 percent used Twitter, 32 percent were on Instagram and 29 percent used LinkedIn, according to Pew Research. If your company has a social media presence, customers will attempt to contact you through one of your social channels.

Being aware of how your customers are interacting with you online, and responding to them quickly, is as important as returning voicemails and following up on emails.

Responding to Private Messages on Social Media

When you see a message sent to your company via social media it’s important to respond as quickly as possible. Social media allows for instant communication at any time of the day; so when a customer reaches out to you on social media they are expecting to hear back quickly.

Depending on the complexity of the question and the situation, respond with the full answer, or let them know you have received their message and are working to get the answer for them within 24 hours. This will let the customer know you received their message, and that social media is a viable way to contact your company.

Once you’ve engaged with the customer online, take the time to respond accordingly. While answering a customer’s question on the phone allows you to resolve questions quickly and easily ask follow-up questions, receiving questions on social media allows you to provide a more detailed response. You will also have the opportunity to share additional information about your company and services.

Dos and Don’ts of Responding to Questions

While social networks are a great medium for communicating with customers in a friendlier, more casual way, you still want to present yourself as a professional.

Keep your writing and responses as clear and grammatically correct as possible.

Even though social media is an instant communication tool, try to keep your responses to normal business hours. Responding to customers late at night might not be as useful to a customer as it would be if they received that information during the day.

Encouraging Online Questions

After answering a few questions and communicating with followers on your social media channels, start promoting your accounts to customers in person and when you speak with them over the phone.

Provide information about how they can reach you online and start developing a community of followers to build loyalty among your customer base.

Benefits of Questions on Social Media

Being open and communicative with your customers on social media is a great way to show your dedication to customer service and provides you with a simple, effective way to reach your customers.

Once your customers know they can reach you on social media, it will help you grow your social following and increase the value of your online accounts.

Keep an eye out for future tips on social media to promote your business. Have a question? Post it in the comments.

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