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Social Media for Landscapers: How to Gain More Followers

This article is part of our blog series, Social Media for Landscapers, featuring tips on how you can take advantage of social media for your business.

You’ve created a social media profile for your business. You’ve filled out your profile information and you’re posting photos and content.

Now how do you turn your customers and other people in the industry into followers?

Building your social media following is one of the top questions on business owners’ minds when it comes to social networking (that, or why bother with social media at all. To find that out look here).

Promote your Page

One of the best ways to build your social media following is to let people know your social profiles are out there. This may seem obvious, but many businesses don’t actively promote their social networking sites—and how can someone follow or like your page, if they aren’t aware of it?

Rather than simply imbedding Twitter, Facebook and Instagram buttons on your website or not promoting them at all and hoping someone will find them, talk to your customers about your social media pages.

When you’re interacting with customers on a job or at a social event, ask them if they have a Facebook or Twitter page. If they do, tell them to connect with your business.

Also consider adding the social media icons to your business cards as another way to promote your pages.

Share Quality Content

Once you’ve told customers about your online pages, give them a reason to follow you. Social media can act as another service you provide customers if you share quality content, service tips, engaging and entertaining photos and important information about the green industry.

When you share content they can’t get anywhere else, educational information or entertaining and inspiring photos, customers will flock to your pages. Quality content will also give you a great way to pitch your page to customers you’re interacting with!

Engage Online

Once you’ve promoted your pages and you’re sharing top-notch content, you’ll want to engage with followers to keep them interested. This will also show potential customers why they should follow your pages. Post frequently—a few times a week—to keep your pages relevant and fresh.

In addition to engaging on your own page, branch out and engage in conversations on different industry-related pages and forums. This will help spread your brand and bring awareness to your social media pages.

Remember to always remain professional when interacting on your business’ profile. Customers can easily find and read content you’ve written on other social media pages.

Contests and Specials

Another way to bring value to your social media accounts, promote your pages, keep customers engaged and build followers is to offer exclusive specials or contests only to followers who have liked your social media pages.

Contests and specials are a great way to engage customers and build excitement around your social media pages and ultimately your brand.

Keep an eye out for future tips on social media to promote your business. Have a question? Post it in the comments.

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