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Social Media for Landscapers: Leveraging Online Reviews to Expand New Business

This article is part of our blog series, Social Media for Landscapers, featuring tips on how you can take advantage of social media for your business.

When people search for the best company to fulfill a service, one of the first places they go for more information is online. 90 percent of consumers search online customer reviews before choosing to purchase a company’s services or products.

This means positive online reviews for your company could directly translate to increased revenue and client referrals—so it’s important to leverage them as part of your social media strategy.

Here are three ways online reviews can help your business grow:

Always remind your clients to leave reviews.

After you have successfully completed a job, be sure to suggest to your clients that they tell family and friends about your company and leave online reviews on your social platforms.

An easy way to incorporate your social media handles into your customer touchpoints is by including links to your social media accounts on your business cards. This way, your clients always know where to go to leave a glowing review!

Post testimonies as social media posts.

Not only does this help develop content for your social media channels to keep your page updated, but it allows for satisfied customers to speak for your business in a special way. Give them their moment in the spotlight! Your customers will feel valued knowing you value their opinion of your business.

Always acknowledge the review, be it positive or negative.

One of the biggest upsides to social media is the amount of direct access your customers have to your business and vice versa. It is now easier than ever before for customers to directly engage with you and your business and provide feedback on a job well done.

Thus, it is important to make sure your customers feel appreciated, and above all, heard.

When a customer leaves a positive review, you should always acknowledge it by reacting with the appropriate Facebook reaction (e.g. “like,” “love”); liking or retweeting on Twitter; liking their Instagram pictures, etc.

If a customer leaves a negative review, or has a question, follow these steps to ensure your response is appropriate and helpful:

  • Publicly apologize for their concern or negative experience. You may write something along the lines of, “We’re sorry you had this experience and want to help make it right.” This shows other apprehensive would-be customers you are invested in feedback and are willing to learn from it.
  • Ask the customer to direct-message your account with details of the negative experience, and handle the rest through private message. Taking the interaction out of the public eye will help you provide a more intimate, one-on-one problem-solving experience.

Sometimes, if their problem can be solved online, people will revise their negative review and leave a positive one instead!

How to get the most out of your reviews

By consistently monitoring and responding to feedback, you gain a deeper sense and understanding of how your clients perceive your business.

Above all, be open to learning from your clients’ experiences. Doing so can help you change and improve your business strategy to better meet their needs, making for a stronger and more positive business relationship for everyone.

Keep an eye out for future tips on social media to promote your business. Have a question? Leave it in the comments below.

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