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Social Media for Landscapers: Use Photos to Drive Engagement on Your Social Accounts

This article is part of our blog series, Social Media for Landscapers, featuring tips on how you can take advantage of social media for your business.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words, but on social media, a photo can tell an entire story and make or break a post.

According to HubSpot, Facebook posts that include a photo get 53 percent more likes, 104 percent more comments and 84 percent more clicks than text-only posts!

People today are increasingly visual. If you’re looking to boost your company’s social media engagement, consider using photos.

Let your photos do the talking

A general rule for photos on social media is to try to have at least one photo, or other visual element (video or graphic) attached to your posts. The more visual your accounts are, the more likely people are to pay attention to what you’re saying.

Having plenty of photos throughout your social media page will draw in more people and cut down on the amount of text they have to scan. People today are busy, and often don’t have time to read paragraphs on Facebook or Twitter. Photos are a great way to effectively share your message.

What kind of photos should I post?

While sharing plenty of photos is important, you don’t want to be posting just any picture. Your photos should be clear, active and tell a story. Photos that can easily accomplish this include:

  • Beautiful landscape shots
  • Before and after shots of job sites
  • Photos of employees working
  • Team shots

Tips for taking compelling photos for social media

At this point you have plenty of photos, and you have the right photos, but you need to be sure your photos look good, as well.

You don’t need a high-end professional camera to take great photos. Most smartphones today have built-in cameras that take high-resolution shots sufficient for social media purposes.

Consider these elements when snapping a few shots of your next job:

  • Active shots—Take photos of people doing things. These kinds of photos are the most interesting to look at, and often tell a story without using words.
  • Photos that tell a story—In addition to active shots, photos that tell a story can include before and after shots. Before starting a job, snap a picture of what the landscape, golf course, or irrigation system looked like before. Once you’re finished, take another picture and compare them side-by-side. This is a great way to show off your skills and a job well done.
  • Behind the scenes photos—People love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Gives customer and potential customers a peek inside your hard work, and make them feel more involved with your company.

Before posting any photos of your client’s landscapes, be sure to get their permission.

In a world of constant online social interaction, the best way to stand out and capture your followers’ attention is to promote your work with interesting and fun photos.

Keep an eye out for future tips on social media to promote your business. Have a question? Post it in the comments.

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