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Solve These Four Problems with Soil Amendments

The soil is too dry. The soil is too wet. The pH level is too high. There’s too much salt.

You’ve probably faced at least one of these problems before, or maybe you even encountered them today! When the soil isn’t in its optimal condition, it can be hard to successfully grow the plants you want to grow.

But how can you fix it? Healthy plants start with healthy soil, so start with soil amendments to get your soil back in top shape. Try these soil amendments and other products below to fix these four common soil problems you may encounter in the field.

PRIMG Misc Dry SoilToo dry

Organic matter helps soil store and supply necessary nutrients and retain water. Without this, plants won’t have access to nutrients or water.

  • Holganix offers solutions to balance the soil’s ecosystem and grow healthier, more resilient plants. This organic, living biology helps to grow longer roots for healthy, thick, green turf that can better withstand disease, drought and insects and reduce fertilizer inputs. This promotes better nutrient and moisture retention.
  • Mirimichi Green CarbonizPN Soil helps plants thrive by improving the efficiency of your soil. A blend of organics and biobased carbon remains in the soil to increase fertility and water absorption while decreasing nutrient leaching. “This allows soil to retain moisture and nutrients, increasing the fertility of the soil,” said Robert Herndon, Branch Manager of Ewing’s Sarasota, Fla., location. “Best of all, it helps to improve the overall health of the environment.”
  • Compost can help the topsoil keep organic matter available to plants.

PRIMG Misc Standing WaterToo wet (or dry)

If you’re struggling with too wet or too dry soil, try these options.

  • AquaSmart PRO is a super absorbent material that holds up to 12 times its weight in water, gradually releasing it to nearby plant roots. It keeps moisture accessible in the soil long after the surface dries, allowing for the reduction of watering frequencies while keeping your grass and plantings healthy and green.
  • Mirimichi Green CarbonizPN Soil helps with water absorption.

phToo high or low pH levels

If soil is too alkaline or too acidic, your plants won’t thrive. 7.0 is a neutral pH, anything below 7.0 will be acidic and above, alkaline. Most plants prefer soil between 5.5 and 7.0.

  • Pro-Cal Enhanced Calcium Lime or other lime products raise pH levels.
  • Sulfur products lower pH levels.
  • Don't know your pH? Get a soil test to learn what it is and what to do.


Salt buildup

Increase the organic levels in the soil to sequester salts. By sequestering the salts, you allow the soil to create an environment plants can survive in.

If you’re still struggling to get your soil back, head to your local Ewing for these products or to talk to a Service Professional about getting a soil test to learn even more about your soil and solutions to the problems you’re facing.

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